Let’s Collaborate in The We Shed

the we shed


Just outside Cincinnati’s buzzing downtown scene is an older neighborhood which sits my home. From the busy street, people don’t know that tucked behind my home is our Certified Wildlife Habitat - a plot of forestland filled with a variety of beautiful flora and fauna. This is a place where magic happens, land that was saved from Ohio’s destructive deforestation. When deciding to open a studio for Wise and Wild Wellness, I intuitively knew it had to be here, tucked under the old wise trees and beside the thriving wildlife. So soon, The We Shed will be welcoming others.

The We Shed will host private events, workshops, classes, circles, and consultations. Covering the spectrum of reproductive and childbearing wholeness and wellness, all offerings will be inclusive and affirming for all.

Wise and Wild Wellness is devoted to community health, and firmly believes in the strength of collaboration. If you specialize in a subject that relates to our offerings, I’d love to look into coming together to host an event here at this space. Please fill out the form below if you’d like to look into working together or have a question about The We Shed.

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