The Facility


The Mindful Folk comes together on our private home property, a Certified Wildlife Habitat. We are located on West Galbraith Rd, a main artery of transportation in Cincinnati, Ohio. While pulling off the busy road and into our driveway, you may be surprised to find 1.3 acres of forest gardens nestled behind the home.

For many years, we have dreamed of having space large enough to invite families to come and connect with themselves, each other, and the natural world. But we also wanted to be centrally located, surrounded by a diverse population of both people and nature. This home has given us everything we imagined. 

On our property, you'll be welcomed into a field of flora and fauna. We have an abundance of nut trees, fruiting shrubs, pollinator wildflowers, climbing vines, and layers of ground cover. You'll also find our free-range backyard chickens, and a thriving population of wild squirrels, chipmunks, birds, rabbits, and deer. We hope to soon add backyard ducks and rabbits to care for, too. 

We purchased our home in May 2018, knowing that we would slowly build our land into a forest school, playgarden, and a hobby urban homestead. Enrolled families are notified as we continue to make changes on the property to better fit the needs of our programs.