“Just wanted to share what an amazing doula and birth photographer Emily is. After working alongside her in the past, I was lucky enough to have her attend the birth of my second baby girl, right here at home. Her support and presence in the room was calming and affirming, and I still can’t look at the photos without crying tears of joy. I will forever cherish the memories Emily has left me with. I can’t thank her enough for her presence and work in my life.” Ashlee, delivered at home, Spiritual Realm

“Emily is a true rare gem… we used her as our birth doula/ birth photographer for twins and she was fantastic. She made it to the hospital in record time, 8 weeks earlier than we were expecting and in the wee hours of the morning. We ended up with a c section and thankfully Emily was welcomed in the OR where she not only captured beautiful images, but she was a wonderful resource of support, especially when my partner went with the babies to the NICU. She held my hand, provided positive affirmations and helped me remain calm. Now that the twins are home I recently purchased her new nipple balm and it is phenomenal, such a small amount goes a long way and it helps heals incredibly fast. It’s not greasy and I love that it doesn’t have to be wiped off. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Emily, it’s sure to be amazing!” - Heather, delivered at Bethesda North