As the saying goes, there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing choices. In the warm months, children are often wearing very little and walking barefoot. In the cold months, parents are required to dress their children in these specific clothing:

1. Base Layer

- Long Johns
- Socks

A base layer of soft wool or silk long underwear works best. 

2. Mid Layer

- Leggings
- Undershirt
- Scarf

Next, the child should have a middle layer of thicker silk or wool leggings, an undershirt, and a scarf.

3. Rain and Mud Layer

Rain suits are designed to not absorb water, and they must have a Velcro closure at the ankles and wrists to keep water out.

4. Outer Layer

- Winter Jacket
- Winter Pants
- Boots
- Mittens

Children should have a winter jacket that has a removable fleece lining, waterproof winter pants, waterproof boots, and waterproof mittens. These all must be washed according to their manufacturer's instructions to maintain integrity of the waterproofing. These layers must fit loosely to help maintain body's own insulation. 

We are currently working with specific brands to offer free or discounted gear for children enrolled. Families will be updated as this becomes available.