Parenting is a continuous period of physical, spiritual, and emotional adjustment like no other. While it is a joyful experience, it can be simultaneously disorienting and disillusioning.

The Mindful Parent Circle holds space for the complexity of raising children, and offers a safe place to openly process, adjust, learn, and release. We offer an opportunity for you to lay the groundwork for your family's wellbeing by preparing you how to manage parenting in the healthiest way possible. 

While we follow the natural needs of the group, topics commonly include: 
- Birth debriefing
- Soothing, feeding, and bonding with new baby
- Implementing a self-care rhythm
- Relationship and intimacy with partner after children
- Helping older siblings adjust to new baby
- Herbal support for parents and children
- Healing nutrition and meal planning
- Parenting challenges
- Guiding children through life with peaceful communication
- Recommendations for services in the Greater Cincinnati area

* Occasionally, a local professional will join us and offer their knowledge and support.

What to expect:
- Organic and/or wildcrafted herbal tea
- Opening ceremony
- Dicussion
- Activity, journaling, or craft
- Social time
- Closing ceremony

Who this is for:
- Parents/ caregivers with children of all ages
- People planning to become parents/ caregivers
- Parents/ caregivers who's children are out of the home
- LGBTQ+ parents/ caregivers
- Single parents/ caregivers
- Co-parents/ caregivers

- The Mindful Parent Circle starts September 2018 and gathers for six weeks. Circle runs for two hours. Children of all ages are welcome and will be provided a small activity, as long as you feel confident in your ability to participate within the group. Space is limited to seven parents/ caregivers.