Hi, I'm Emily Frigo, Founder and Lead Teacher of The Mindful Folk. I have been involved in early childhood education since I was a freshman in high school, where I took ECE college courses during school hours as dual credits. While holding various positions as a personal nanny, assisting in classrooms, and working in childcare centers as an adult - I traveled through a personal journey of infertility, pregnancy loss, and infant loss to become the now mother of four. 

While the idea of facilitating childhood education outdoors is relatively new to the United States, educators have established Forest Schools as commonplace in many parts of the world. After researching the studies that have followed children in these forest schools, I was inspired to facilitate spaces where children can build their sense of wonder and invite them to explore the world around them. This started at home, in my family's gentle homeschooling lifestyle, and has now grown into completing my Level 1 Forest School training, The Cedarsong Way® teacher training program, and working towards Level 3 Forest School certification. 

With my experience in early childhood education, and as a life-long naturalist now completing Kamana Naturalist studies through Wilderness Awareness School, a folk herbalist studying clinical herbalism with The Herbal Academy of New England, and a certified Mindfulness Practitioner, I have a deep understanding about how humans - children especially - receive emotional, physical, academic, and spiritual wellness when connected to nature.

Click here for a list of completed trainings and certifications.