By fusing together knowledge from various ancestral traditions and modern sciences, we have a deep understanding about how humans receive emotional, physical, academic, and spiritual wellness and health when connected to ourselves, each other, and to nature. Wise + Wild Wellness uses herbal medicine, healing arts, and intuitive guidance for families interested in intentional, natural living and health. 

Nurturing our bodies with the healing powers of nature isn't alternative, it's returning to our tradition. 






Connect to your intuitive knowledge and learn how to naturally care for you and your family's health from the comfort of your home, or on our urban homestead and Certified Wildlife Habitat in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Heal and restore your body with seasonally crafted, small-batch plant medicine. Each offering is organic and/or wildcrafted, infused with Reiki energy, and bathed in thoughtfully paired crystal baths.



Not accepting new clients until 2019. 



meet the founder:

cincinnati herbalist

Sweet friends, I'm Emily.

I am a Clincial Herbalist and Reiki Master with additional education and certifications in Early Childhood Education, the childbearing year, holistic health, and healing arts. 

As a pregnancy, birth, postpartum and parenting professional, Wise + Wild Wellness was created as a tangible resource for parents, in all stages of raising children, so that families can amplify their health and wellness by listening to their intuition, connecting with the healing powers of nature, and living with a bit of magic.

After suffering infertility, reoccurring miscarriages, and infant loss, I am now the mother of four children, living and loving on our Urban Homestead and Forest Garden in the heart of Cincinnati, Ohio. Here you'll find me crafting herbal medicine, hosting workshops, homeschooling my children, and directing the Wise + Wild Forest School. 


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