What age group is the The Mindful Folk geared towards?

We believe in the value of mixed age groups. Age segregation is a fairly modern social construct, and we at TMF find no benefit to restricting our programs by age. We strive for a family-like community, where the older children nurture the younger children and the younger children find inspiration in the older children. Due to the natural rhythms of Forest School, there are activities available for children of all ages. If you question if our Forest School offers opportunities to meet your child where they are, you're invited to contact us so we can discuss our programs further.

Are the Forest School and Seasonal Gatherings drop-off or parent-child programs?

After almost a decade of exclusively working with expecting and new parents, I have found how tremendously unsupported and isolating the parenting journey can be. We are highly social species who depend on one another for support and community. But in our busy modern society, families have lost their village. They have also lost their connection with nature.

TMF invites parents to join their children so that the parent-child relationship flourishes. Both adults and children, as a pair and as individuals, gain tremendously from spending mindful time in nature. 

We do plan to open drop-off programs in 2019. 

Is this an exclusively outdoor school?

While we do have an indoor studio available to use as needed, we spend a majority of time outside. We believe that the sky is our best ceiling, and the soil is our best flooring. We bring the children outdoors no matter what the weather is so that they fully experience the natural world in all seasons. 

With the right gear, we can enjoy being outdoors in all weather.

During severe weather, we either reschedule the session or move into our indoor studio space. Under all circumstances, we will be closed if Cincinnati Public Schools are canceled due to weather. 

What is your approach to discipline?

Although we understand we are not the children's parents, we do follow peaceful parenting practices on our property. We kindly request that parents align with this respectful communication with their children while attending gatherings.

Peaceful parenting is using intentional, gentle ways to guide children using empathetic and cooperative solutions versus trying to control their behavior with bribes, yelling, and punishments. It involves working with children by listening, understanding, responding, and communicating with intention. - Sam Wickstrom

Is The Mindful Folk affiliated with any religion?

No, TMF is a secular school that does not embrace or promote any specific religion. We welcome families of all/no religious backgrounds.

What is your stance on diversity?

We are committed to supporting inclusion and diversity. We understand that our differences build a strong, beautiful, world community. Even in the face of intolerance, discrimination, and violence, we must not forget to spread the word about the importance of diversity and to respond with a love and a celebration of our differences.

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