cincinnati doula

I believe birth matters, that your birth matters.

I trust the intuition of people to birth their babies in the way that is instinctively right for them. I am here to support you while you find your own perfect balance between instinctual and evidence based birth practices.

You already have the power. You already have what you need to birth. I'm here to remind you of that.  

Cincinnati + Dayton
Pregnancy + Birth Doula

  • A complimentary consultation to see if we make a good match
  • Unlimited phone, text, + email support
  • On-call from day one, because birth doesn't always happen between 38 and 42 weeks
  • Monthly TFH community circle for face to face support and friendship
  • TFH eBook, packed with information, wisdom, and rituals to aid you in your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experiences
  • Herbal supplement recommendations to aid and support your pregnancy, birth, and immediate postpartum
  • A custom crafted herbal body oil, to nourish and replenish your growing stomach
  • TFH Perineal Healing Herbal Spray to cool, soothe, and heal your perineum during your postpartum recovery
  • TFH Peaceful Postpartum Herbal Bath Blend to support, relax, and heal your body after birth
  • Help with decision making skills, and support for you to advocate for yourself
  • Assistance with preparing birth intentions and understanding the labyrinth of birth
  • Working with your partner's support skills
  • Guided meditations and affirmations to help you bond with baby, prepare for birth and heal after birth
  • Continuous physical and emotional labor and birth support up to two hours postpartum, no time limits or hourly fees
  • Facilitating a birth space that enhances the hormones and experience of birth
  • Use of essential oils and massage oils during birth
  • Breathing techniques to increase coping mechanisms
  • Active birth movements and positions to help labor progress and aid physical comfort
  • Recommendations for other services in the greater Cincinnati + Dayton area
  • One 2 hour prenatal visit to discuss your birth experience, basic newborn care, and receive professional referrals if needed


Cincinnati + Dayton
Birth Photographer

cincinnati birth photography

After almost a decade of offering a variety of professional photography, I am most inspired when documenting births. It's simply a natural extension of the passion I have for everything related to the cycles of life. As a Cincinnati and Dayton professional and experienced birth photographer, I strive to artistically and professionally capture the raw, honest, and organic journey of birth.

  • Artistic and emotional documentation of your labor, birth, and immediate postpartum period
  • The use of professional grade photography gear
  • Intentionally working to not disrupt your sacred birthing space while photographing
  • A digital gallery, available for download, containing individually hand edited images of your birth
  • Full print release

Pregnancy + Birth Doula Support - $850.

Birth Photography is an additional investment. Payment plans are always available. I am also open to bartering services and/or goods. I do not offer birth photography without doula support.