crafted with care

cincinnati doula

On our Cincinnati Urban Homestead and Certified Wildlife Habitat, I blend my experiences and education as a Mother, Clinical Herbalist, Doula now Studying Midwifery, Childbirth Educator and Early Childhood Educator to create small batches of ethically sourced nature-based products honoring all stages of raising children, from preconception to adulthood. 

I always aim for our herbs to be grown on our property, sustainably wild-harvested, or purchased from local farms. By working alongside our local land and community, I want to create thoughtful relationships built upon health and wellness. Although my family and I are Cincinnati transplants, we are Cincinnati proud. Ingredients that are not available locally are ethically sourced, and never with herbicides, pesticides, fillers, additives, or preservatives.

As passionate as I am about connecting families with the healing properties of plants, I am also aware of what we are returning back to Mother Earth. From our recycled cotton t-shirt business cards, to our recycled and compostable product zip-bags, leaving minimal waste is a top priority of mine.