Community Classes

I create and facilitate one on one and group classes and workshops to  bring education and empowerment back into the hands of women and their families. 

2018 Workshop Dates Coming Soon.


Herbal Support

Plants are our allies, they are created to nurture and support us - the perfect complement to family life. In herbal workshops, we will discuss and prepare herbal remedies for common ailments, where you can take home your plant magic to have in your home apothecary. 

Childbirth Education

Every woman deserves to go into their birth space fully informed and knowledgeable. By infusing Wise Woman Tradition and evidence based research, you will learn about self-care during pregnancy, the anatomy and physiology of labor, coping techniques, variations of labor, common birth interventions, cesarean birth, postpartum healing, and basic newborn care. 

Preparing for Postpartum

Birth is truly just the beginning. Here, we will provide you with realistic expectations about the postpartum journey. Topics include: healing, herbal wellness support, optimizing sleep, emotional adjustments, self-care, partner support and experience, building community, and more. 

Intuitive Baby

Babies are wise little beings. We will discuss baby behavior, bonding, and your baby's primal needs. Topics include: reading your baby's cues, building intuition and connection, baby's abilities and states of being,  soothing techniques, baby's sleep patterns, diapering options, and more.

Baby Massage + Healing Touch

By using your healing touch, you're enhancing bonding, relaxation, and healthy development between you and your baby. We will give you the tools and confidence you need to  practice and receive the positive short and long-term benefits of baby massage. 

Motherhood Photography 

Do you wish you could take beautiful, natural pictures of your family? We will teach you everything you need to know so that you capture the candid details of childhood, such as   lighting, composition, and camera skills. And you don't even need a DSLR, you will learn to take quality images on whatever camera you have.