Cincinnati Placenta Encapsulation

Cincinnati placenta encapsulation
  • We will start with a complimentary 20 minute phone consultation to decide if encapsulation is right for you. If you decide to hire me, you will receive detailed information about the process, along with directions about keeping your placenta safe until I prepare it.

  • When you go into labor, you or your support person will contact me. If your placenta is being processed in my dedicated space for placenta services, a support person can deliver the placenta to me. I can pick up and drop off your placenta for an additional fee that is based on your location. If your placenta is being processed in your home, you will keep the placenta with you until you are home and I come.

  • I am committed to the highest medical safety standards. I follow Universal Precautions and the standards set forth by OSHA for Bloodbourne Pathogens. Your placenta is immediately labeled, using a name tag made from food-safe parchment paper, and stays labeled through the entire process. I do not process more than one placenta at the same time.

  • To encapsulate your placenta, I begin by thoroughly rinsing it and trimming away the umbilical cord, which I carefully spiral and dry for you to have as a keepsake. I then steam it gently, and then slice it thinly. I lay it in trays to dehydrate it in a dehydrator where it will sit for an average of 24 hours. Once it is thoroughly dry, I grind it into a powder and then put the powder into vegetarian capsules. Your placenta pills are then stored in a labeled amber jar.

  • As Clinical Herbalist, I will only add herbs to your placenta if we have an herbal consultation, which is an additional fee.