As your Cincinnati doula, I believe in your ability to birth your baby that is intuitively right for you. And I know that nobody knows your body and baby like you do.

I do not empower you, I recognize that you're powerful.

Cincinnati Doula Package:

- I'm on call for your birth as soon as the contract is signed until you birth your baby, because birth doesn't always happen between 36 - 42 weeks.
- You'll have unlimited call, text, and email support from me starting as soon as the contract is signed until 6 weeks postpartum. I'll be kinda' like your birth junkie best friend.
- Because I am an Evidence Based Birth Professional Member, you'll receive the entire PDF library of Evidence Based Birth articles, worth over $250, giving you the non-biased, science based evidence you need to make informed choices surrounding your birth.
- You're welcome to borrow books out of my lending library. 
- You'll be gifted a supportive and relaxing pregnancy herbal bath tea from my apothecary, inviting you to practice mindful self-care during your pregnancy.
- We will meet for two prenatal visits:

  • Our first visit talks about evidence in birth, informed decision making, which choices in pregnancy, labor, and birth are your preferences, and what your desires are in the case of an unexpected event.
  • Our second visit explores birthing with confidence through position changes, comfort measures, using a birthing wrap, acupressure, massage, music, oils, and becoming in tune with our body's intuitive journey through birth.

- If applicable, we will meet for a third prenatal visit where we normalize a 40+ week pregnancy, reaffirm your baby and body's wisdom, and review any choices you may be making with your care provider at this time.
- Once you are in active labor, I come to you and offer continuous support without time limits or hourly fees.
- Immedialey following the birth of your baby, I'll stay by your side for two hours of postpartum doula support as you bond with your newborn.
- Within 10 days of birth, I'll come to your home for a postpartum visit, where you'll be in a safe space to process your birth story and share how you're feeling and doing. I may wash dishes for you, fold laundry for you, or support you however you need in the moment.
- In the heartbreaking event of pregnancy or infant loss, doula support transitions into bereavement support. Click here for more information.

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