Wise + Wild is no longer a one woman show!
 Welcome to the new partnership between Cincinnati and Dayton doulas Emily Frigo and Ashlee St.Denis. 

Wise + Wild is not an agency. 

We are two women, supporting other women (and your families). 
We are two mothers, walking alongside your journey into motherhood.
We are two friends, who have been each other's doula backups for quite some time.
 And we have decided that the best way to serve you is to come together, to give you our combined experience and knowledge, and the peace of mind that someone you already know and trust will attend your birth.

We believe birth matters... that your birth matters.

We trust the intuition of women to birth their babies in the way that is instinctively right for them. 

Birth is a balance between the wise and wild, ancient wisdom and modern science. We are here to support you while you find your own perfect balance between instinctual and evidence based birth practices.

You already have the power. You already have what you need to birth. We are here to support you in your journey.