Birth Photography Mentoring

With the knowledge and skills required to photograph in low lit, fast pace, and unpredictable environments fused together with the awareness and respect of the birth process so that you are not an intrusive presence in birth, birth photography is unlike any other. Through multiple options that are tailored to your specific and unique needs, I combine my education and experience that I’ve gained from photographing over 200 births to walk with you as you become a confident, competent, and sustainable birth photographer.

Clarity Call

Are you being called into birth photography, but still aren’t sure it’s right for you? In this two hour video clarity call, we will explore what life may look like if you become a birth photographer. We will discuss your goals, your passions, your lifestyle, the demands of birth photography. While only you can ultimately decide if birth photography is right for you, this call will offer you clarity.

Ask Me Anything

Get specific answers and insights for your questions to thrive in your birth photography. These one hour. 1:1 video calls are all about you. There are no expensive packages that need to be pre-purchased; buy one call at a time as your budget and calendar allows. I’ll help you with any topic related to starting, growing, or sustaining your birth photography business.

Portfolio Review

Are you looking for a fresh set of eyes to offer a constructive review of your birth photography? By evaluating your light, composition, editing, and impact, I will help you hone in on your unique artistic ability.

Birth Photography Mentorship

This 3 month Birth Photography Mentorship Program is designed to support photographers on their path to becoming confident, compassionate, and skilled birth photographers.

Structure of program:

  • One-on-One Sessions - You’re encouraged to bring your questions. concerns, and celebrations so we can discuss these in depth. These sessions are tailored to your personal needs, meeting you right where you are on your unique journey in birth photography.

  • Training Calls - Each month we will cover a core training topic, listed below.

  • On Call Support for Births - While I can’t be with you at birth, I am there in spirit and call or text away. You’re invited to contact me during birth for a fresh perspective, encouragement, and additional support.

    Topics that may be covered:
    Understanding the process of birth, and how to be a respectful presence in the birth space
    Ideal equipment for photographing births
    Creating a beautiful website to showcase your photography
    Using social media to market your birth photography
    Calculating your cost of doing business
    Preparing client contracts
    Securing reliable backup photographers
    The flow of working with clients, from the first consultation to delivering the imagery
    Technical skills to photograph in intimate spaces of birth
    Specific techniques to capture emotional imagery of birth
    Post-production editing
    Technical feedback
    and much, much more…