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I have a deep devotion to sharing with others. People are at our highest potential when we share and receive information and wisdom with one another, and support each other through our phases of life.  We are not meant to do this alone, we are highly social animals who traditionally depended on one another through cooperation and solidarity. In our modern society, that strength has been weakened.  Too many people feel overwhelmed and alone. Our society desperately needs to "bring back the village", and I'm dedicated to do the best I can at bringing us together. 

Within my community, both online and in person, I am often requested for guidance. Many times, I'm answering similar questions for multiple people. And many of these questions could resonate with even more people.

To offer guidance to as many as I can, I am accepting questions that will be publicly answered. I have years of experience as a mother, mentor, doula, student midwife, and clinical herbalist and will answer your inquiries the best that I can or lead you to where you can find the answer.

my areas of specialities:


  • Reproductive Health + Harmony
  • Fertility Planning
  • Doula Support in Pregnancy + Birth
  • Postpartum Care
  • Peaceful Parenting
  • Clinical Herbalism
  • Healing Arts
  • Sustainability
  • Unschooling / Home Education
  • Facilitating Forest School + Playgroups
  • Professional Photography


If you have a question and would like to share the answer with others, please fill out this form below. You remain anonymous. 

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If you feel like I've helped you in some way and are called to donate as a thank you, I'd really love a cup of tea!