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About Wise + Wild Wellness

By Founder Emily Frigo

EMILY FRIGO IS THE FOUNDER OF WISE + WILD WELLNESS, A MOTHER, A clinical and traditional HERBALIST, a doula/student midwife, childbirth educator, REIKI MASTER, And a non-profit forest school director. 


I created Wise + Wild Wellness as a vessel to connect modern people with ancient traditions and plant medicine. Through my experiences and education as a Mother, Herbalist, Doula/Student Midwife, Childbirth Educator, and Early Childhood Educator, I have a deep understanding about how people of all ages receive emotional, physical, academic, and spiritual wellness and health when connected to ourselves, each other, and to our plant allies.  

Wise + Wild Wellness was crafted for families looking for mindful, natural health and living. As a pregnancy, birth, postpartum and parenting professional, I draw from modern sciences, ancestral traditions passed down through generations, and my natural gift as an intuitive to offer heart centered support and tangible resources for parents, in all stages of raising children, so that families can amplify their health and wellness.

I found holistic health and herbal support during my journey through a stillbirth, reoccurring miscarriages, and secondary infertility. During that time, I felt disconnected with my body, with my health, and with my overall sense of well-being. And it was then I was called to the Earth and her healing. 

I am now the mother of four children, where we live and love on our Urban Homestead and Certified Wildlife Habitat in Cincinnati, Ohio. After almost a decade of education, I now aim to share with others how to make informed choices about their health, and how to re-connect with themselves by connecting with the natural world. 

Nourishing our bodies with nature isn't alternative, it's returning to our roots.

I'm honored to share this connection with you.

  - emily 

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