Abortion Doula Support

When transitioning out of pregnancy, I wholly support you by providing non-judgmental and compassionate care.
Available both in Cincinnati and virtually.

  • We will start with a complimentary consultation to meet, answer any questions, and decide if we would work well together.

  • Abortion Doula Support is compassionately personalized to meet you where you are. Depending on your personal preferences, your support may include:

    • proving medically accurate education on the abortion process

    • offering safe space to work through the full range of your feelings

    • accompanying you through the entire abortion process: going with you to the clinic, helping you fill out any forms, providing companionship during your wait, going with you into the procedure room if you wish and allowed, and following you into recovery

    • taking you to a safe and comfortable place to rest and recover and remain with you after the procedure

    • providing follow up care after your procedure to debrief your procedure and discuss your holistic wellness options during healing

  • You’ll have unlimited phone, text, and email communication with me to discuss your options and process your experience.